Keyword Research

keyword research At 3 in 1 Web Design our principal aim is to drive more customers to your website and increase your profits. We can work on an existing site, or if you don't already have one, we can create a shiny new site for you from scratch.

However, unless people can find you on Google, simply creating a fabulous site for you won't do much for your profits. Two very important additional elements are necessary.

(1) You have to be 100% certain, based on thorough general keywords research, precisely which phrases someone would use to search for your products or services. (2) Your site has to undergo thorough seo or search engine optimization based on that rigorous keyword research.

But what words and phrases are people actually using. That is the big question. You should find this out before you even think about optimising.

3 in 1 Web Design is hugely experienced in this process with a string of satisfied clients throughout Essex, Kent, London and Herts. However, unlike many of our competitors, we compare results across a broad range of industry standard tools. We don't just rely on one such as Wordtracker or Google Adword Planner.

General Keywords

We always start with your list of suggested keywords and look at your existing website - if you have one. We then greatly expand on the list by adding synonyms and related phrases. Finally we add in incorrect and alternative spellings and typos.

Cash Keywords

This constantly expanding list is then analysed to reveal niche markets and cash keywords that you are very unlikely to have thought of yourself. These are the words and phrases that your customers are using to find your goods and services which your competitors have not considered and are not targeting.

We will produce a detailed report showing those niche key words and phrases. This will give you an idea of the number of people who have searched for them in a month. We will find out how many other websites are targeting those exact same phrases. We will get a list of our recommendations of what is realistically achievable..

After all, if you don't pick the right words and phrases from the very start, you will just end up swimming in the wrong direction.

Search Engine Optimization Tips

Many people, particularly small companies and sole traders, make the big mistake of thinking have to target the most searched for phrases in their sector. There are many extremely valid reasons why this approach is incorrect.

Firstly, if the seo was a huge success, a very small company could not effectively cope with the amount of enquiries which would result from getting a top 10 place for a hugely popular phrase. Secondly, it would take a dedicated team of SEO guys several months to achieve and be an extremely expensive exercise.

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Generally, we recommend targeting a less popular phrase which contains the locality in which the company is based. For example "artisan bakery in Hackney", rather than "bakeries in London" or "budget BnB Romford" rather than "holiday accommodation Essex". The number of searches may be a lot less. However, those who are searching are very specifically looking for what those companies have on offer.

Although, these days it is perfectly possible to conduct a campaign from anywhere in the world, we prefer to keep our clients local. For us this means in Essex Kent and London. Locally, we can then offer a far more personal service and explain face to face why we recommend certain SEO strategies.