3 in 1 - Responsive Web Design - Introduction

graph We are a team of friendly, enthusiastic, award-winning, adobe-qualified, web and graphic designers. We specialise in creating cost effective, eye catching websites designed to deliver increased traffic and more importantly, improved profits for your business.

Many small business websites were created five or ten years ago. They are still little more than a 20th Century version of a Yellow Pages ad. If they can be found at all on Google, they will probably be languishing on about page 20 or worse. The website content won’t have been updated for ages and probably consists of a collection of photos, company information and out of date prices. If this sounds like your website - NOW is the time to act!

Fewer and fewer potential customers are calling businesses for prices, or visiting their local shop for a quote. They are searching on line for the best deal. So it’s absolutely vital that you present your business correctly and professionally on the internet.

3 in 1 Designers, Mike, Becky and Sherrill (top left) in conversation with clients Elaine, Rob and Sandra from the Fir Trees B and B How Do You Work?

We offer a free, one hour, no obligation consultation with you and/or your staff, either at your home or premises.
Our services include standard website and logo design and as our name suggests, we also create responsive 3 in 1 websites which magically morph to fit desktop, iPad and iPhone. We can add video and / or audio and also have some very impressive design ideas for your picture gallery.

What Will It Cost ?

3 in 1 Responsive Web Design can work to your budget with package prices from as little as £200.00. We also offer a choice of two easy-to-understand payment plans ...

Responsive Web Design - SEO - Keyword ResearchI already Have a Website - Do I Still Need Your Help ?

The most important question is this: "apart from your company name, what keywords or phrases (if any) could a visitor type into Google and find your site in the top 10 ?" If you are not sure of the answer, or worse you still don't even have a website, you will certainly benefit from our help! Read more about Keyword Research, Search Engine Optimization and Google Analytics

Who Are Our Main Web Clients?

3 in 1 Web Design is not a large company nor do we pretend to be. We offer a personal service, working mostly with individuals, start-ups and small companies. Many of whom have either never had a website before or if they do, it is an extremely old and ineffective one. Please see our portfolio - our list of testimonials and 4 selected Regular and Responsive Web Design - Case Studies for clients in London, Essex & Hertfordshire.