Optional Extras

(1) Add a jQuery Wow Slider - Set-up Fee £25 per slider

A traditional image gallery is provided as standard with both our Small Site and Large Site Package. Just provide us with the images that you wish to include and we will use Photoshop to create thumbnails of each pic and insert it into a grid. When a visitor clicks the thumbnail, she is taken to a page with a full size version of that pic. Links are set up so that she can easily navigate to the next image, without returning to the thumbnail page. A modern alternative to this approach is the jQuery Wow Slider.

As you can see on this impressive demo page, the software allows you to create a variety of slideshows containing your images. This could be as simple as having 3 different images as your page header, where each dissolves into the next on a continuous loop. You could however decide to have your entire photo gallery displayed, one pic after the next with either simple, forward and back arrows or to run automatically with a miscellany of various transitions between them (rather like a Powerpoint Presentation.) The software is free but very time-consuming to use, hence there is a £25.00 set-up charge per slider.

(2) Convert Your Site to a Responsive "3 in 1" Site - Add 50% to Total Cost.

The prices quoted above are for a single site, designed for the desktop version of a PC / Mac. If you wish however, we can create 3 entirely separate sites for you with content designed to look good on an iPhone, an iPad and your desktop. Text and images will be downsized to fit. Content which is generally spread across 3 or more columns on the desktop version will be re-jigged to fit 2 columns on the iPad and a single column on the iPhone. Clients usually decide to display absolutely all their content on the desktop version, they may choose not to display quite so much on the iPad version and considerably less on the iPhone. This is all perfectly possible from within one single domain name. See Examples below ...

Homepage - iPhone - iPad - Desktop - Versions.
Projects Page - iPhone - iPad - Desktop - Versions.

(3) Google Analytics - £15.00

We can set up a Google Analytics account for you and install their invisible tracking code on every page of your site. Among many other things, you will be able to see how many people visited your site; what keywords they used to find you; how long they stayed on a given page, or on the entire site and which of your many, carefully crafted pages they did not visit at all !

(4) Keyword Research - £75.00 per day

For those who, generally speaking, are going to direct visitors to their site either by word of mouth, links on business cards, on letterheads and via other media and advertising, Keyword Research and indepth SEO probably are not necessary. For those wishing to appear in Google search, they are absolutely vital.

(5) Search Engine Optimization - Price by Negotiation.

Search Engine Optimization is a complex process by which can greatly increase your chances of being found in Google. The task is split into two parts ...

Internal seo is where we minutely alter the code behind your website, adding just the right number of carefully researched "keywords and phrases", specific "page titles", "page descriptions" etc., etc. to satisfy Google's search algorithm, which works out where you will come in the search results.

This part of SEO is entirely within the webmaster's control and counts for about 65% of the success of your SEO campaign.

External SEO , which makes up the remaining 35% of the work, consists of elements over which we have far less control ... The main exercise is to liaise with other webmasters, directory owners, chambers of commerce and trade organisations in your specific field. You need to persuade them to link to your site from theirs. They must link in Google's exactly prescribed fashion. A bunch of links, created thus gives your site enormous credibility in Google's eyes and is likely to lead to a top ten placement in the search engine results.

With the client's co-operation Internal SEO takes about a week or so to accomplish. The second part i.e. External SEO is far more challenging and generally takes a couple of month's hard, dedicated work and LUCK. The rewards are well worth the effort. You hopefully get a top 10 place in Google for precisely the phrase people are using to try and find your goods or services. Sadly Google's search algorithm can, and does, change frequently, so long-term results cannot be guaranteed, without continuous monitoring and expertise.

We can offer you a simple text based, colour co-ordinated logo for free. However, should you wish something more memorable and eye-catching, you can work with Sarah Young, our in-house graphic artist. She will take instructions and provide a range of alternative logos from which you may choose.

(7) Add a Chat Assistant - Price on Application

Emailing, phoning or writing to website owners has been the norm for many years. Increasingly though, visitors want instant answers. If these cannot be provided, they quickly move on to the next website. We can install an instant chat facility which will alert you the moment somebody looks at your site. You can monitor what they look at and start an on-screen conversation, asking if they require any help. The visitor can also instigate a conversation with you. This works best for clients sitting in front of their computer all day but you can turn the system on and off at will.