Success Stories No 3 - Gay Wedding Discos | Civil Partnership DJ

Studio Cafe Hoxton

This fully responsive Wordpress website has been included as an example of what can be achieved for a client with SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.

The site owner, a DJ called Tony Adams, had already used 3in1 for his 2 previous sites. With the change in UK law regarding gay marriage, Tony astutely felt that because he already had deejayed at many civil partnerships, now was a great time to create a new website dedicated entirely to gay wedding discos. Tony thinks it is the only one of its kind in the UK

On Tony's behalf, we conducted some thorough keyword research and found that interested parties were searching for a combination of the words "hire a dj" "gay" ; "wedding" ; "disco" ; "discos" ; "dj" ; "djs" ; "civil" ; "partnership" ; "same-sex" and "marriage". The geographical areas . . . London, Kent, Essex, Brighton and Sussex were also pinpointed.

We tackled the site page by page and focused on a specific group of keywords for each, using on-site SEO.

Next we conducted a link-building campaign (of which this page is a perfect example) where we listed Tony's site in gay business and entertainment directories using appropriate keywords in the anchor, or link text. On this page anchor text appears in red. For example ...

Visit Tony Adams' Gay Wedding Discos and Civil Partnership DJ site. Thus creating a link to his site with exactly the words that clients are using to search.

Try for yourself. If our SEO campaign has been successful then Tony's site should be on PAGE ONE of Google.

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