Testimonials - 01

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Peter Russell
Managing Director
1st Call Security Ltd
79 Grafton Road
Worcester Park

Phone: 020 8224 2320
email: info@1stcallsecurity.co.uk

Peter first hired us for website optimization and technical support in 2010.

"I have worked with more than 7 different seo companies over the last 5 years and can without hesitation put Mr Loomey's services head and shoulders above the rest. Mr Loomey always answers my enquiries in very good time. My experience tells me he is excellent value for money. I have employed Mr Loomey on several occasions and could not be more satisfied with his efforts and the results. Understated and undervalued. I found his dedication and integrity to be most impressive and somewhat unexpected in an industry riddled with bad press and empty promises."

May 16th 2011